About Us

About Us

Welcome to Periyar Polymers Private Limited, a company incorporated in the year 2003, head quartered at Kochi, which basically operates in the realm of providing Sleep related solutions to customers.  Though Periyar Polymers started its business by manufacturing Polyurethane Foam Sheets over the years it has evolved into an organisation that has the capability to develop and manufacture various types of high quality mattresses and related accessories.

Three state-of-the-art factories located at Palakkad, Pollachi and Aluva manufacture PU foam sheets,Rubberised Coir mattresses and Spring mattresses. As part of a well thought out business strategy to cater to the specific requirement of the distinct consumer segments, three divisions within the company cater its entire range of products under two distinct brands, Skyfoam and FLORID. While products like PU Foam sheets and a wide range of Rubberised coir mattresses are sold under the Skyfoam brand, FLORID caters to its premium range of spring mattresses.

The underlying business principle being anchored around product development and quality over the years Skyfoam has emerged as a well-known and accepted brand in all the markets it has set foot in. Today in addition to the legacy of quality it enjoys in the home state of Kerala the brand has presence in several states in South India, namely, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, with plans to expand to more markets and eventually become a major player in the country. The company has maintained relentless focus on ensuring high standards in all aspects of its
transactions, manufacturing, trading etc. to ensure all its customers are satisfied and, in the process, has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Honesty, Trust, Commitment, Value for Money and Social Justice are values that the organisation is steadfast on embracing while pursuing its business goals.

Vision: Our vision is to make lives better by making sleep comfortable and complete by offering best in class sleep solutions.

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